Friday, June 18, 2010

Eeeek!!! This blogging business is frustrating! Especially when you are moderately
technologically retarded! Anyway my photos are not in the order I intended but I will just have to deal with it I think. So, this is a pencil case I made. I followed a tutorial from and I'm very pleased with the result. Its made it from an old wool jacket that I got from vinnies for $3.50!

Here are my coasters. They are mostly made from some placemats that I never used so I cut up! I love these but I don't have any furniture that is nice enough to require the use of coasters so I guess I'll sell them.

This is the inside of the passport case that my friend, Sarah, asked me to make. To be honest, it was a pain in the bum! This was my second attempt. The first attempt was a disaster. I rarely follow patterns so I guess disasters are bound to happen now and then! On the left is a pouch/slot for your passport and on the right is a little zippered pouch for coins or whatever else.

Here is the closed view of the passport pouch.

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