Monday, October 25, 2010


Here is my second attempt at making my own nappies. I'm pretty pleased with this one! Ollie is too apparently! I bought a little hand held kam snap setter and its so much better than velcro. The first nappy I made falls off because the velcro doesn't stay done up. This one is an all-in-one nappy with a water proof layer of PUL under the cotton outer. The inner is made from an old flannel bed sheet and some gross polar fleece that I got on special at Spotlight ages ago! I am considering making these to sell once I get the design right but I will invest in some bamboo fleece which is much more absorbant than old sheets!

Look at those knees!! Phwoar!

Its probably a bit girly for Ollie but its ok because he's a metro!


  1. Love these! I'll order some for my new granddaughter when you start selling. Ollie looks so much like his daddy :)

    Lesley D

  2. Thanks Lesley! Now I feel inspired to sew!